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Weishang CDMA time calibrator successfully operated in Henan Xinxiang traffic team

cdma time calibrator is a high-performance rack mounted NTP network time server elaborately designed and independently developed by weishang company. The product has a built-in CDMA receiving module to obtain UTC time information through the CDMA network and improve its competitiveness?? The Research Institute established by the university can be easily deployed in any place with CDMA signal, especially in the network communication room where it is not convenient to deploy outdoor gps/Beidou antenna. At the same time, the CDMA antenna is placed indoors, completely eliminating the damage of lightning weather to the equipment

cdma time calibrator is produced by SMT surface mount technology, without hard disk and fan design, and controlled by high-speed chip. It has the characteristics of high precision, strong function, good stability, no accumulated error, free from environmental conditions such as climate and region, high cost performance, simple operation, maintenance free, fully automatic and intelligent operation, and is suitable for unattended. The CDMA timing device is embedded with the internationally popular ntp/sntp protocol, which can provide precise standard time signals and timestamp services for computer networks, computer application systems, e-commerce systems, B2B systems, process control and management systems, and database preservation and maintenance systems. It is widely used in finance, communications, transportation, radio and television, electric power, security, water conservancy, petrochemical, metallurgy, national defense, education, medical treatment, government agencies It and other fields

technical parameters of CDMA timing device:

1. power supply: AC power supply: 220/110v 20%, 47Hz ~ 63Hz; DC power supply: 220/110v 20%

2.cdma receiver frequency: 800MHz

3.mtbf 200000 hours; MTTR: generally not more than 30 points, and the service life is not less than 20 years

4. synchronization accuracy between output time and coordinated universal time (UTC): 10ms

5.ntp Networking:

support protocols: NTP, SNTP, which do not coincide with the master pin, ARP, UDP, TCP, telent, ICMP, SNMP, DHCP and TFTP

network interface: 10/100m adaptive Ethernet interface, RJ - 45

throughput: 2400 time requests per second

time service records: keep the latest 500 records

time accuracy: 10 ~ 100ms

6. overall dimension: 1u/2u, 19 standard chassis, easy to install

cdma time calibrator performance characteristics:

1.cdma signal has wide coverage and high signal strength, so it is unnecessary to install outdoor antenna

2. there is no need to install outdoor antenna, which completely eliminates the damage of lightning weather to the equipment

3. Dual CPU working at the same time, 32-bit CPU dual core processor, performance improvement

1. Respond within 10 minutes

4. support windows9x/nt/2000/xp/2003, Linux, UNIX, sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX and other operating systems, as well as routers, switches, intelligent controllers and other network devices that support NTP protocol

5. it can provide standard time services for tens of thousands of clients, servers and workstations at the same time

6. support dry contact signal alarm when CDMA signal disappears and power supply disappears

hydraulic universal test performance can be used for tensile test (tensile strength value), pressure test (compressive strength value), material bending test, peeling test, etc. 7. special embedded system, without hard disk and fan design, shockproof design, stable and reliable system

8. high quality industrial components, high-level electrical design and high-density integrated circuit structure make the device have the performance of electrical isolation and electromagnetic shielding. The whole machine has no adjustable devices, which improves the anti-interference performance and reliability guarantee of the device

9. high performance and wide range switching power supply is adopted to ensure stable operation

10. multiple configuration methods, easy to manage and upgrade

11. the serial port signal output is programmable, the key setting is convenient for operation

12. the device can view the current CDMA signal strength through the digital tube to visually reflect the synchronization status of the device

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