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Haikou census the city's printing enterprises with serious pollution will be closed

from today on, Haikou Municipal Bureau of land, environment and resources will conduct a census of the pollution sources of nearly 150 printing enterprises in the city. It is reported that the environmental protection procedures, facilities and measures of some printing enterprises in the city are not perfect. The Bureau will order them to go through the environmental protection procedures within a time limit, and those with serious pollution will be reported to the government for closure

it is reported that in Haikou, many small workshop printing enterprises are located in residential buildings, which not only disturb the residents, but also have a strong ink smell. At present, organic pigments, organic solvents and additives are widely used in inks, and many raw materials contain heavy metals. These harmful substances will be adsorbed on the surface of workers' skin through flying ink and inhaled into the respiratory tract, which is harmful to human nervous system, respiratory system, blood system, etc

Chenchao, deputy director of Haikou Municipal Bureau of land, environment and resources, introduced that the environmental problems involved in the printing plant are first water pollution. During the process of development, fixing and negative film washing, there will be development and fixing waste liquid and washing waste liquid, which contain sulfate and other substances; The BVB sublime substrate for plate making is clean and easy to use. During the development process, there will be developing waste liquid. The waste liquid contains dilute alkali, phenolic resin and other substances, which are dangerous substances. If not handled properly, it will pollute the environment. There is also the problem of noise pollution. According to the actual investigation of the noise of the printing press and fan, the noise of the existing domestic printing press is large, and the noise at the place 1m outside the fan can be as high as about 92 dB. If no noise reduction measures are taken, it will have a great impact on the surrounding residents

according to the inspection requirements, the city's printing plants have transformed the original process, including the improvement of raw materials and drying methods. At present, China's plastic machinery industry is undergoing changes in the global market pattern. Brush factories should organize the preparation of environmental impact assessment documents as soon as possible according to law, handle pollutant discharge declaration and registration, apply for pollutant discharge permits, and complete the "three wastes" and noise control measures within a time limit. Haikou Municipal Bureau of land and resources 5. The Environmental Resources Bureau of the transmission system will order those who fail to implement the environmental impact assessment system and the "three Simultaneities" system, or fail to apply for the pollutant discharge declaration and registration, or apply for the pollutant discharge license and other environmental violations to go through the environmental protection procedures within a time limit; Those who fail to complete the task within the time limit shall be punished and sent to the cultural department to revoke their licenses or reported to the municipal government for closure

information source: Hainan

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