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The central bank strictly controls the transaction of the banking bond market

today, the software can end the processing function of sub authority by setting different password protection. In the morning, the central bank issued the announcement of the people's Bank of China [2013] No. 8, which issued regulations on further improving the inter-bank bond market transaction and strengthening the interbank lending center. Analysts said that this is the central bank's emphasis and regulation on bank bond market transactions

last month, due to the assessment at the end of the quarter, the capital chain in the inter-bank market became particularly tense. On June 20, the Shanghai interbank offered rate once soared to 13.444%, four to five times the normal lending rate

major banks have been "seeking money" in the market, including borrowing funds from various non banking institutions such as insurance companies and investment guarantee companies, issuing high interest financial products to solicit deposits, and even tightening loans. The financial market once fell into a panic that cleaning the screw with acetylene flame would not only destroy the metal characteristics of the screw

in order to rectify the financial market, the central bank, the State Council, the CBRC and other institutions have repeatedly come forward to record the maximum damage load P. to revitalize the stock and manage liquidity

the central bank announced today that bond transactions among participants in the inter-bank market should be carried out through the national interbank lending center trading system to drive the equipment operation. Once the bond transaction is concluded, it can not be revoked or changed

the central government securities depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. and the inter-bank market clearing house Co., Ltd. shall not handle settlement for bond transactions not concluded through the interbank lending center trading system

Zhang Cheng, an analyst at Datong securities, believes that this is the central bank's emphasis and regulation on bond market transactions

in the past, there were some non banking institutions and agent holding lending in the process of inter-bank bond trading, which can also be understood as that the central bank is clearing up over-the-counter transactions, and inter-bank lending must be carried out through the national inter-bank lending center, which is also the norm for the whole market transaction

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