Talking about the application of ergonomics in cab

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Talking about the application of ergonomics in cabinet design

ergonomics, also known as ergonomics, ergonomics or ergonomics. Ergonomics ergonomis originally comes from the Greek "ergo", which means "work, labor" and "nomos", which means "law, effect", that is, to study the regularity of people's labor, work effect and efficiency. It mainly discusses the relationship between people, machines and the environment, integrates the research results into the design, improves the design of machines and the environment, and makes them more responsive to people's needs through in-depth study of people's abilities and behavior characteristics, so as to improve the efficiency of work, life and production, and ensure people's health, safety and comfort

the kitchen is a frequent space in our daily life. People can't do without cooking, catering and other activities in the kitchen. If any item is particularly easy to use, then all operations will feel very natural, comfortable and convenient. However, it is usually difficult for some integral cabinets to reach this ideal state to meet the needs of our human body. Ergonomics has not been fully applied in modern life, especially in the kitchen. People spend about 1/5 of their time in the kitchen, so ergonomics can play a role in the overall space planning, furnishings and cabinet storage space design of the kitchen

when people buy cabinets, they are often easily deceived by the cabinet products with beautiful appearance placed in the exhibition hall, and make the purchase decision easily. In fact, you might as well get closer first and have a careful understanding of their other characteristics, so that you can choose more rationally, so that you won't spend your time in an uncomfortable kitchen in the future, and you can also avoid the injury to the human body caused by some improper operations when using unsuitable cabinets

people are usually willing to try out products before buying them, such as test driving when buying cars, trying on clothes when buying clothes, etc. So how do we try cabinets? Once the cabinet is installed, it is difficult to change it to adapt to yourself, otherwise you have to pay a lot of change costs. Therefore, in order to help you comprehensively try out the cabinet, you should use the "engineering experimental system", which allows you to clearly understand what kind of cabinet will become your best choice. It allows you to decide according to your own needs, such as the position of the cabinet, the height and depth of the worktable, and so on. Using the "engineering experiment system", when you buy a cabinet, you can choose a table with the appropriate height to avoid bending or tiptoe cooking in the future. You can choose a deeper table to strive for more activity space, or you can choose a lower hanging cabinet to make it easier to see the items placed in the hanging cabinet

through research, it is found that there are seven main problems in the use of cabinets designed by traditional engineering:

1 Nowadays, people's average height is generally increased than before, and the standard table top with a height of 800mm in the past is not enough. It will make you always bend over to do things. Over time, it is easy to cause fatigue in the waist and back, which is not conducive to health

2. The depth of the hanging cabinet is deep, so the position after installation feels close to the person's face, which is easy to block the line of sight

3. The distance between the hanging cabinet and the table top is high, which makes it difficult for people to see the items on the hanging cabinet laminate

4. The range hood is too low. When you cook, you need to bow down to see whether the delicious food in the pot is ready. You may accidentally touch your forehead

5. When you are busy cooking, you will often open or close a certain cabinet door, so you may simply let it open and keep it open. But this will lead to a narrower range of vision during cooking, and may even touch your forehead when you turn around in an instant

6. If the laminates installed in the cabinet floor are unreasonable, once you want to take the innermost items, you have to bend or even squat, and the light inside is insufficient, so it is difficult to see the items you need

7. There is not enough interior space for the foot line installation, that is, when you stand in front of the cabinet, your feet are easy to touch the foot line; If the adjustable foot is installed without foot line, it may trip the foot and fall

in order to solve these problems, when designing and producing cabinets, we can adjust the height and depth of the table, add special back slots, functional accessories, drawers, make rational use of the space at the corner position, and match with appropriate lighting effects

if the cabinet top is too high or too low, the body will feel unnatural when cooking, and may even twist to the waist. Different people will have different heights, but most of today's countertops use "standard sizes", and when the average height of today's people is higher than in the past, these "standard sizes" have not been adjusted accordingly. Many brand cabinets are still designed with 110mm high foot wires for floor cabinets with a total height of 800mm or 850mm. Kitchen doctor U's cabinet will adjust the height of the countertop according to your height, so that no matter how tall you are, your kitchen countertop will be comfortable and convenient to use

a cabinet with a depth of more than 350mm will give people a feeling that it is too close to the face, and the cabinet should be installed at least 540mm away from the table to ensure a better line of sight when cooking. However, after such implementation, because the hanging cabinet is too deep, it will be difficult for you to see clearly inside and access items. Therefore, in the cabinet design and production, we can adopt more humanized measures such as reducing the depth of the hanging cabinet or increasing the depth of the ground cabinet to solve this problem. The ground cabinet table with a depth greater than 600mm can provide you with more activity space and better line of sight, and reduce the height of the hanging cabinet from the table to 480mm, which is convenient for you to access items

in addition, a deeper ground cabinet can bring you more space and perfect sight. You can even lower the height of the hanging cabinet from the table to 420mm, so that even the space on the top of the hanging cabinet can be used to store items

through the above analysis: there is a considerable relationship between cabinets and ergonomics, so when designing and choosing to buy cabinets, we should also follow this kind of engineering to achieve health, perfection and comfort




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