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This Construction Expo is designed by the professional design team of Alice. The main color is yellow and white, and the yellow wood frame is alternated between two, which is convenient for air flow. With modern black and red chandeliers and simple square tables, green plants complement each other

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from July 8 to 11, 2017, the 19th China (Guangzhou) International Architectural Decoration Expo will be held grandly in Pazhou Pavilion of the Canton Fair. The exhibition area will reach 390000 square meters, which is currently the largest and most comprehensive large-scale international commodity trading Expo in Asia. Alice art door lock will bring the latest products to attend. We sincerely invite you to participate

this Guangzhou Construction Expo was designed by the professional design team of Alice. In order to give the audience a fresh breath in the hot summer, the yellow and white colors are the main colors, and the yellow wood layer frame is alternated between two, filtering the light source, but it is not thick at all, and it is also convenient for air flow. On the other hand, collocation with modern black and red chandeliers and simple square tables, coupled with green plants, is also a wonderful recipe for refreshing and embellishing the space

the yellow square cabinet booth is permeated with fashionable and elegant artistic atmosphere under the warm light. Among them, in terms of product display, Alice uses the newly designed simulated door lock frame, through which customers can truly feel the feel of the door lock when opening and closing and the texture of the lock surface, and make a more intuitive evaluation of the performance of the product

every innovation and effort of Alice is to meet you better

in July 2017, Alice made an appointment with you at the Guangzhou Construction Expo. We'll see you soon





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