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Faced with the high housing prices, small houses are favored by the majority of owners, but it does not mean that the living quality should be sacrificed, and small houses should also be spacious

in the face of today's high housing prices, small houses are favored by the majority of owners, but it does not mean that the living quality should be sacrificed, and small houses should also be spacious. So the problem is, how can we achieve multi-purpose in one room while maintaining the beauty of the space? There are unique ways to customize the whole house. Bangyuan famous craftsman's overall home customization can be customized according to the space characteristics. With scientific design and extreme storage, it can help you build an ideal home with strong storage and higher quality in one stop

1. Room customization scheme - one room with multiple functions

a lady's troubles:

want a separate small study? Want to give children a play space? Want to provide a simple room for friends who stay temporarily? Limited area, how can we achieve

bangyuan famous craftsman customized furniture: tatami space


this is a combined cabinet of bookcase, decorative cabinet and tatami, with exquisite design and functions that change as needed. The height of the lift table can be adjusted at will, turning it into a small tea table, and the large capacity storage of the internal locker is joyful. This multifunctional tatami can be used not only as a bed, living room, study, children's entertainment, but also as a leisure area, drinking tea, chatting, reading and playing iPad. It's beautiful

2. Customized plan for children's room - all aspects of growth space

Ms. B's troubles:

children are the treasure of their parents, the hope of the whole family, and their growth space needs special attention. Good sleep, learning, and storage functions should be comprehensively considered. How to make a space meet all living needs

bangyuan famous craftsman customized furniture: Children's room


customized children's bedroom, with the overall color of blue and light red, unified, pure, natural and fresh, so that children can always be in a pleasant space. The integrated wardrobe and bookcase make full use of the space and store children's items or toys one by one. Whether it's learning, storing books or toys, it can be easily satisfied. It's a place for children

3. Study customization plan - enjoy reading time

Miss C's troubles:

there are many books at home, but the study area is limited. How to customize a most suitable bookcase

bangyuan famous craftsman customized furniture: Cappuccino


this study has strong storage, integrating bookcases, desks, wardrobes, and invisible beds, greatly saving space, diversifying the functions of the study, making the space simple and beautiful, and improving the utilization of space. The design is simple but not simple, a little deep and not boring, full of mature beauty. When you lie in bed at night, the study becomes your private reading room

4. Bedroom customization scheme - storage office, one step in place

Mr. D's troubles:

small apartment size is limited, how to realize the couple's storage, dressing, learning and other functional needs, and make the space more than large

bangyuan famous craftsman customized furniture: master bedroom


customized bedroom, customized overall wardrobe to the top design, make full use of space, and the whole bedroom is simple and white decoration, making the space better. The integrated computer desk meets the daily office and reading needs. The partition on the wall creates a creative small bookshelf, as well as the wedding photos at the head of the bed and the dressing table, which is both practical and beautiful




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