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Standing at the outlet of "Internet +", how smart cities can release huge dividends

the two sessions, which have attracted much attention, have left people with endless thoughts and aftertastes, especially in the emerging industries of smart cities. In the government work report, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to promote urbanization and develop smart cities; Li Qiu, a deputy to the National People's Congress, said that smart cities should avoid going their own way; The Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee believes that smart cities are the best combination of informatization and urbanization. The various voices about smart cities have made us deeply aware that the emerging industries of smart cities rising to the national level are both historic opportunities and challenges full of variables

since IBM proposed the "smart earth" in 2008, the upsurge of smart city construction has swept the world, but there is a lot of chaos, deviates from the smart track, wastes hardware investment, unsatisfactory construction results, and many difficulties in later operation. In the new era of Internet +, a series of problems such as what is wisdom and how to build a smart city need to be solved, so as to release the huge dividends of smart cities

deeply interpret wisdom and set up a big data view first

the ancients said: those who seek the elders of wood must consolidate their roots; If you want to flow far away, you must dredge its source. For a city to be wise, it must truly understand wisdom. Only by grasping the core of wisdom can a smart city have a height and a realm

it is obvious which soldier or general has wisdom in the war. For a soldier, his gains and losses are limited to himself, which is the choice of life and death. But for a general, his consideration is not only his own and his soldiers, but also the success or failure of the overall battle. Based on the overall situation, the general looks at the relationship between the various elements of the campaign from a macro perspective. Under certain circumstances, he will give up local interests in exchange for overall interests! It can be seen that wisdom does not solve a single goal or a local problem alone, but looks at the problem from a sociological point of view with relevance ericospini, and makes an overall choice by integrating various factors in the case of multi-level goal needs

big data is all over the city. To develop a smart city, we must realize that big data is the foundation, even the soul, of a smart city. Big data is the foundation for cities to generate wisdom. However, as we all know, big data has a huge number, diverse structures and complex relationships. It is like loose sand distributed in all corners of cities that provide local supply services for the Asian market. Looking for value directly from it is like looking for a needle in the sea and looking for gold in the sand. There is no wisdom without value! Tongfang, as an advanced enterprise in the IT field, has a strong accumulation in the big data field. Tongfang first put forward Tongfang's big data view, taking big data as a strategic resource compared with people and property, and starting from the essential laws of data, orderly categorizing data according to common and different levels of objectives, so as to make data independent of business, interconnect among businesses, and timely find problems in the process of urban operation, The optimal solution is put forward through correlation analysis

the top-level design takes the advanced concept of building an urban data center with a good source system

big data view to lead Tongfang to focus its wisdom on the data layer in the construction of a smart city, build an urban big data smart center through a self-developed three span integrated big data smart management platform, and integrate various information into the data center, so as to generate value, decisions and smart solutions, Truly make big data a smart city

building an urban big data smart center is not a brain project, nor a single isolated project, but a top-down systematic project. For the construction of urban big data smart center, top-level design is particularly important. Only by taking the top-level design as the source and planning well, can the urban big data smart center push information from bottom to top and solve problems from top to bottom

Tongfang starts with top-level design, first establishes the core objectives of the organization, and then decomposes the core objectives to form an index system. On the basis of the index system, an urban big data smart center was established. Tongfang's urban big data smart center can be divided into three levels, namely, urban data center, domain data center and industry data center. For example, the field of public safety may involve traffic safety and natural disasters, so this is a field level data center, and then it extends down to the transportation industry, so this is an industry level data center, with different positioning of each level of data center and different service objects. By centralizing industry level data and field level data into the city level data center, we can clearly see the operation of various indicators and make adjustments and improvements. The big data intelligence center can help us make scientific decisions and manage scientifically

practice Tongfang big data + new thinking to release huge dividends of smart cities

the + in Tongfang big data + is not a simple stack, but a deep fusion, marking the beginning of the industrialization of aerogel gel with real commercial significance. Tongfang big data, as a scientific methodology, and big data smart center, as an innovative thinking mode, have been successfully applied to urban transportation, education, tourism and many other fields, releasing huge dividends of smart cities, good governance, business development and benefiting the people

bonus 1: good governance

Tongfang big data + statistics made great achievements in a set of tables of the National Bureau of statistics in 2005. The integrated set of tables was adopted to change the current situation of the original single vertical data collection, realize a new mode of horizontal and vertical data collection and sharing, take metadata as the standard, avoid data ambiguity, improve data quality, improve scientific data support for leaders' scientific decision-making, improve urban management level, and promote government public services

Tongfang big data + government affairs has established an information resource sharing and exchange platform in Daxing District, Beijing, based on the business status of the local economic and Information Technology Commission, to provide objective, comprehensive and accurate data for local leaders, provide correct support for decision-making, and truly make the data available to the people and benefit the people

bonus 2: Xingye

smart cities used to emphasize government management. In fact, smart cities play a greater role in Xingye. In the development of cities, how can traditional advantageous industries avoid complacency and achieve leapfrog development? Tongfang big data + Xingye stands at the height of data strategic resources, controls the industry with big data, and promotes the industry and the city to complement each other and shine

Dunhuang, Gansu Province is a well-known international tourism city, and a large proportion of local tax revenue comes from tourism. In order to highlight this economic advantage, Tongfang university has used Tongfang big data to promote the deep integration of the two, realizing the leapfrog development of traditional industries in Dunhuang, Gansu Province. 5. According to the 12th Five Year Plan for education reform and development in Karamay, Tongfang has built Karamay education into a pearl in the whole education field in Xinjiang with Tongfang's innovative thinking mode of big data + education

bonus 3: benefiting the people

smart cities benefit the government and industries. However, as the main body of the city, we should personally feel that the biggest beneficiary of smart cities is us. People first convenient services and quality-oriented livable life are everywhere. Accurate and active information push makes us experience and enjoy the best anytime and anywhere

Tongfang big data + agriculture has built a new system of comprehensive agricultural products logistics park in Heze, Shandong Province to facilitate people's thorough perception of information. Citizens in short supply of agricultural products can learn about the situation in advance, plan ahead and do a good job in emergency response; Individual demands of citizens have increased sharply, and the seller timely makes adjustments to maximize the interests through the information provided by the rear analysis of Tongfang data platform

the two sessions have brought Internet + to the attention of the whole people. The smart city has launched a rich wing of big data, flying in the high wind, overlooking the land of China, and releasing the huge dividends of good governance, development and benefiting the people of the smart city

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