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Fuyang, Zhejiang Province, the hometown of exploring papermaking: the paper shortage crisis continues. Paper enterprises are hungry for raw materials. Release date: Source: Securities Times editor: Yu Jia. Number of Views: 2621 copyright and disclaimer. Core tip: since August, finished paper, including corrugated paper, whiteboard, household paper, paper and coated paper, has begun to enter the rising mode. Especially after September, the paper price rose one after another, and the frequency of price rise was significantly accelerated. Why is the paper price rising so crazy? What is the current situation of paper enterprises? Is the rise sustainable? With many problems, recently, taking white board as the survey sample, I rushed to Fuyang, Zhejiang, the domestic white board production base, to conduct in-depth investigation on the local paper industry

[China Packaging News] now, the paper mills have greatly relaxed the requirements for the goods of the pulp mills. In the past, people could stand directly on the pulp coming out of the pulp mill. Now, if you step on it, you must be trapped. The moisture content is too high

the expiry date of the approval for import of waste paper issued by the Ministry of environmental protection is the end of each year, and the overdue approval will be deemed invalid. Therefore, Fuyang paper makers interviewed have no hope for the supply of imported waste paper in 2017. We can only expect the approval documents in 2018 to be issued normally, which also means that from now on, there will be a vacuum period of about 3 months. In the future, waste paper will definitely be in short supply

the paper industry, which has been silent for nearly ten years, finally broke out in this autumn

since August, finished paper, including corrugated paper, whiteboard, household paper, paper and coated paper, began to enter the rising mode. Especially after September, the paper price rose one after another, and the frequency of price rise was significantly accelerated. The sharp rise in the price of paper has also led to the rise in the A-share paper sector. The new term "hot paper" has also recently been born in the capital market

why is the paper price rising so crazy? What is the current situation of paper enterprises? Is the rise sustainable? With many problems, recently, taking white board as the survey sample, I rushed to Fuyang, Zhejiang, the domestic white board production base, to conduct in-depth investigation on the local paper industry

waste paper shortage drives up the price of paper

when it comes to Fuyang, the picture of Fuchun Mountain Residence is absolutely inextricable. Many people know Fuyang, which can be said to be inseparable from this painting. Like famous paintings, the paper industry in Fuyang also has a long history. "Fuyang paper, the No. 1 scholar in Kyoto, was admitted to the imperial examination for ten yuan books", which means the prosperity of Fuyang paper industry, which also won the reputation of "hometown of papermaking" for Fuyang

it is understood that as early as the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Fuyang people began to use tender bamboo as raw material to produce native paper called "bamboo paper" in ancient times. After thousands of years of exploration and development, the production scale of Fuyang paper industry increased geometrically in the 1990s. In its heyday, there were nearly 500 paper-making enterprises, mainly whiteboard, and Fuyang became the largest whiteboard base in China

starting from the south of Hangzhou, you can reach Chunjiang street, the largest gathering area of Fuyang paper-making enterprises, within a half-hour drive along Hangzhou Qianjiang expressway. When the car drives into this important papermaking Town, the imprint of "hometown of bamboo and paper" will gradually increase. At the same time, strange smells will come to your face

Mr. Sun, who has been engaged in the paper industry for more than ten years, is currently the deputy general manager of a paper company in Fuyang. The scale of his company is medium in this important paper Town, with a production capacity of about 300000 tons/year. Although Mr. Sun has been engaged in the paper industry for many years, his current paper mill was established in 2013. After two years of construction, it was officially put into operation in 2015

in Mr. Sun's own words, the company has caught up with the good time. In terms of investment cost, the plant construction period is almost the cheapest time for various raw materials, such as steel, whose price reaches 1600-1700 yuan/ton. During the trial production in 2015, due to the implementation of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction policies, the price of finished paper rose slightly. By the end of 2016, the paper industry, which had been depressed for nearly a decade, finally ushered in a long lost rising market

it is reported that during the period from November 2016 to February 2017, the paper price of Fuyang whiteboard increased from 2700 yuan/ton to 3400-3500 yuan/ton in just three months. However, the rising market of paper price, which has not been seen for a long time, did not continue to realize the harmonious development of the enterprise with the economy, society and environment for too long, and began to turn down again in march2017. By the end of July this year, the price of whiteboard had been hovering around 3000 yuan/ton

for the rise in paper prices in 2016, Mr. Sun's view is that environmental protection policies have a significant impact on capacity contraction, and at the same time, multiple factors such as peak demand season are superimposed. The operation of "low, small and bulk" paper mills is not standardized, and there is basically no environmental protection treatment cost. If we follow the practice of these "low, small and scattered" paper mills, the standardized paper-making enterprises will certainly not be able to carry it. The shutdown of a large number of "small and low bulk" paper mills has compressed the production capacity

recently, the "paper" hand that has been frequently seen in the newspapers has become hot since August. Take whiteboard as an example. The price has risen from 3000 yuan/ton at the beginning of the period to about 4500 yuan/ton now. "Especially since September, the price of paper has risen rapidly. The price has been adjusted once every three or four days, and three times this month." The frequent price adjustment made the paper maker, who had worked for more than ten years, call him "can't understand"

in the past August, Fuyang's paper enterprises also experienced a round of overall limited production maintenance. A notice on launching Fuyang district's 2017 emergency plan for energy conservation and consumption reduction shows that Fuyang requires all paper-making enterprises within its jurisdiction to stop production for inspection for 7 days

according to public media reports and research reports of securities companies, environmental protection is the main reason for the sharp rise in paper prices. However, in the view of some people in Fuyang paper factory, the above statement is too general and does not mention the key points of the problem

with regard to the rapid rise in paper prices since August, Mr. Sun said, "it is related to environmental protection. After all, some paper-making enterprises suspended production during the environmental protection supervision in August. However, this correlation is not very large, mainly due to the waste paper shortage"

like the above point of view, Mr. Jin, who was interviewed, recognized the factors that helped the growth of environmental inspectors, but attributed the main reason to the waste paper shortage. The paper enterprise under the leadership of Mr. Jin is a large-scale paper enterprise in Fuyang area. It owns more than 10 paper enterprises, with a total capacity of 1.2 million tons/year, accounting for nearly 1/6 of the output of Fuyang paper industry

tracing the source of the paper shortage crisis

in August 2017, the central environmental protection supervision group conducted environmental protection supervision in 8 provinces and cities including Zhejiang, Shandong and Jilin for about one month. From the point of time, the time of environmental protection inspectors overlaps with the current round of paper price rise. However, Fuyang paper enterprises blamed another special inspection by the Ministry of environmental protection in July for the fuse of this round of paper price rise

"although this wave of increase is also a factor of environmental protection, it is mainly due to the inspection conducted by the Ministry of environmental protection on 1792 imported waste processing and utilization enterprises nationwide." Mr. Sun said

it is understood that in early July, the Ministry of environmental protection conducted centralized training for 420 law enforcement officers from 27 provinces (cities). After the training, 60 inspection teams were formed to implement a one month special action to crack down on environmental violations committed by enterprises processing and utilizing imported wastes nationwide. "This operation was carried out in a way of cross location and territorial cooperation. Law enforcement personnel from Zhejiang were dispatched to northern provinces and cities." Fuyang local people said

according to the notice issued by the Ministry of environmental protection on July 30, as of July 29, the on-site inspection of the special action to crack down on environmental violations in the processing and utilization industry of imported waste has been basically completed, and 1792 enterprises have been inspected. Among them, 1074 enterprises were put forward with punishment suggestions for filing cases, accounting for 60% of the total number of enterprises inspected

what is the relationship between the waste paper shortage and the special inspection of the Ministry of environmental protection in July? Mr. Sun said that according to the past practice, the Ministry of environmental protection will review a batch of "approval documents for import of waste paper" in the middle of each month. However, in the course of this special action, there was no reply. No approval has been issued since July. As a result, the supply of imported waste paper is reduced

during the interview, I also saw a "precious" approval for the import of waste paper for the paper mill. The paper mill said, "the total amount of imported waste paper in this approval is 5000 tons. Since the waste paper will be purchased from abroad every month in the first half of the year, there is only a quota of more than 100 tons left. If you use up these, it will be gone."

not only did the import waste paper approvals not be issued, but also the approvals issued to some enterprises were recycled. Mr. Jin said, "in Fuyang area, 70000 tons of imported waste paper were recycled. Once the amount of imported waste paper was turned over, everyone knew that there was a problem in the supply of imported waste paper."

what does imported waste paper mean to domestic paper enterprises? Pulp is the raw material of papermaking. According to the source of raw materials, it is mainly divided into wood pulp, waste pulp and non wood pulp. China's pulp production capacity can not meet the market demand and is highly dependent on foreign countries

according to the data of China Paper Association, in 2016, China's total pulp consumption was 97.97 million tons. Among them, 28.77 million tons of wood pulp, 63.29 million tons of waste pulp and 5.91 million tons of non wood pulp. From the source of pulp, 18.81 million tons of wood pulp consumption are imported, accounting for 65.07%; Among the waste pulp, the imported waste paper raw material pulping is 23.08 million tons, accounting for 36.47%

raw material purchasing hunger makes no choice

waste paper is industrial grain and production raw materials for the paper industry. What impact has it had on the paper-making enterprises since the following approval documents for imported waste paper have not been seen for a long time? The answer given by what we have seen and heard in Fuyang is that the shortage of raw materials is quite common

Cailun is definitely a resounding name in Chinese history, because he is closely linked with papermaking, one of China's four great inventions. Cailun was not born in Fuyang, but the paper industry linked the two. The people of Fuyang named the main road with the most local paper mills as "Cailun road". It is not difficult to see the prosperity of the local paper industry

in Fuyang, an important papermaking Town, Cailun road is a trunk road with a length of several kilometers. There are several branches on both sides that cannot see the bottom. Large and small paper mills are paved along these roads in turn. Perhaps because the paper mill stinks too much, the administrative buildings of Fuyang paper mill are basically close to the road

"there are really few waste paper materials now." At this point, Mr. Sun got up and walked to the window. "In the past, waste paper was piled everywhere on the roadside downstairs. Now you can see that even the warehouse in the paper factory is empty. The largest amount of waste paper in our factory is about 18000 tons. Now the reserve of waste paper is about 8500 tons, including about 6000 tons of imported waste paper and less than 2500 tons of domestic waste paper."

maybe it's because waste paper is not worth money. Some warehouses in Fuyang paper mills can also be seen from the road. However, whether it is a visit to the paper factory or a look on the road, the warehouse of the paper factory is out of stock in a large area. In the waste paper warehouses of some enterprises, the waste paper stacked can be almost ignored

during the field visit, a staff member of a paper factory said that waste paper is not afraid of rain and has no shelf life. In the past, when the market was bad, waste paper was piled up in the warehouse, in the open space of the factory, and even in the idle space of the factory. Now just look at it, Ki

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