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Join hands with the world's manufacturing powers to create the future - "China's impression" of Hannover International Industrial Fair at the just concluded Hannover international industrial fair, China has once again become one of the focuses of this global industrial event. Leaders and experts of the global industrial community share their impression of China and pay attention to the changes and opportunities China brings to the manufacturing industry and the world. Chinese and German enterprises compete in the market, but we are even more friends. Roland bent, an executive of Phoenix Contact Group in Germany, said at the 2019 Hannover Industrial Expo in Germany that we have achieved a win-win situation with the Chinese market because we not only want to sell products in China, but also want to develop future markets with Chinese partners and customers

at the just concluded Hannover Industrial Expo, China once again became one of the focuses of this global industrial event. Leaders and experts in the global industrial community shared their impressions of China and paid attention to the changes and opportunities China has brought to the manufacturing industry and the world

enterprising Chinese spirit

eberhadfaitt, consultant of German industry 4.0, said: in the past, people always thought that they could only produce simple products in China, but now they have completely got rid of this backward concept. Many enterprises will take the latest products to China for production, even products of a generation ahead

it is reported that the theme of this Industrial Expo is integrated industrial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, the fifth generation mobile communication technology (5g), new energy and transportation have become the highlights of the Expo. In the exhibition area of world-class large enterprises such as Huawei, Haier, aerospace science and industry, visitors poured in; The staff in the exhibition area patiently introduced the latest technical products in German, English or Chinese, and their faces were always full of smiles

in the Huawei exhibition area, the white 5g new generation small base station attracted much attention. The visitors included both purchasers and professional technical developers. A purchaser from the UK said that the 5g coverage solution provided by Huawei is very good. It is indeed respectable that there are such enterprises in China

according to Johann kochler, chairman of the board of directors of German exhibition company, the organizer of the exhibition, the elongation of the standard tensile specimen is displayed by the extensometer or strain gauge. The Expo attracted 6500 exhibitors from 75 countries and regions, and the number of Chinese exhibitors reached about 1400, second only to the host Germany

we need to create greater value with our friends and establish cooperation that will benefit both sides for a long time. Bent said that we must learn from the passion and enterprising spirit of the Chinese people for new things

reliable Chinese partner

Robert Herman, general manager of the German Federal Foreign Trade and investment agency, said that in 2018, the scale of China Germany bilateral trade was considerable, and the confidence in mutual investment was growing. The exchange of high-level visits between China and Germany has enabled bilateral relations to develop by leaps and bounds. At present, intelligent manufacturing accounts for about 40% of the cooperation projects between Chinese and German enterprises, and the cooperation between the two sides in industry 4.0 has achieved very good results

Lujie, vice president of Huawei Germany, said that Huawei has carried out long-term and extensive cooperation with German enterprises, which has promoted local employment. In addition, the two sides also work together to create some new markets and expand the market cake, which is of great significance

in Siemens exhibition area, display ★ 12) coaxiality of upper and lower collets: no more than 10%; With the latest industrial digital technology products. During this ICIF, the world industrial giant, which has a long history of cooperation with the Chinese market, cooperated with Alibaba group to officially launch Siemens Industrial cloud services in China. This cloud based IOT system can provide a series of services such as data connection options, applications and data analysis capabilities for devices and enterprises

China is a market that we attach great importance to. Wolfgang hoilin, head of Siemens Group's motion control business department, said that if partners can learn more about our technology and concept, there will be more cooperation space between the two sides. In the future, in the field of interaction between the real world and the virtual world, we and our Chinese partners can work together to create more value for the world

confident Chinese youth

came to Hannover Industrial Expo more than ten years ago. They had a feeling of pilgrimage. They had never heard of many technologies and concepts, which was shocking. An exhibitor of China's communications industry recalled. Today, Chinese enterprises are more confident and calm in the face of their European counterparts. Cooperation is a more mentioned word among Chinese and European enterprises

in the face of creating a bright future for PetroChina polyethylene catalyst and new products, China's confidence comes not only from world-class large enterprises such as Huawei and Haier, but also from a larger number of vibrant small and medium-sized innovative enterprises

at a booth in the robot exhibition hall, rows of black rubber claws opened and closed smoothly, attracting the attention of visitors. This exhibit comes from the soft touch robot technology company in Suzhou, China, a scientific and technological innovation enterprise composed of post-80s and post-90s employees. Zhangfan, the founder, studied and worked in Germany for eight years, and later returned to China to start a business. Facing his peers from all over the world, the Chinese guy is confident and calm

many colleagues came to ask us about our technology, including several groups of people from the famous Schunk manipulator. Zhang Fan said that we introduced them in a big way, and everyone came here to look for future partners

do not worry about future competition, because we bring new things and unique technologies in the whole exhibition hall, which will create incremental value in the future, rather than who to replace. Zhang Fan said that China and Germany respect each other, and are also quite demanding in terms of testing according to market rules, so they can cooperate and compete freely and create incremental value for the world together. This is the best situation

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