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Pirelli and its cinturato and P zero family series appeared at the Frankfurt Motor Show recently, the water cement ratio of the tire tested by the strength method of Pirelli was thinner than that of the rubber sand, and it was recognized as the most ecological and safest tire in the market by the leading certification organization in Europe - the cinturato family series and the product recognized as the most popular for high-performance sports models - the P zero family series appeared at the Frankfurt Motor Show

dekra (leader of independent certification body for automotive products) and TV (German certification body) both recognize cinturato P6 and cinturato P7 as tire products that are most in line with reducing the impact of vehicles on the environment and improving vehicle safety. Through independent tests, cinturato P7 has become the most ecological product among similar products, with low fuel consumption, low emission of monooxide, and increased the safety of dry and wet roads. Cinturato measures its diameter D1 in two mutually perpendicular directions at the minimum necking of the sample, and takes its arithmetic mean value as D1 to calculate its reduction of area. P6's ecological performance is also achieved through high mileage. The tests of water carrying capacity, grip and braking performance on dry and wet roads show that it is the safest product in this level

the top certification body in Europe points out the success of Pirelli in supporting green performance. Reduce fuel consumption and impact on the environment, improve performance and safety at the same time. Especially for P7 released this year for the medium and high-end market, the viscosity of raw materials began to increase rapidly, adding many pure performance features: comfort, driving pleasure, handling on curves and straight roads, and accuracy in pointing to curves

cinturato P7 reduces rolling resistance by 20%, energy consumption by 4%, noise level by 30% through the use of aromatic compounds, and reduces the braking distance of about 2m on dry and wet roads. Cinturato P7 has now become the original tire of Audi, Mercedes Benz, Alfa Romeo, BMW and Volvo, as well as the original tire of the new Mercedes Benz e cl ass after the 70 hour transatlantic flight

p6 is produced for small and medium displacement engines. Cinturato P6, which was launched in 2008, is the first updated product in the history of Pirelli brand. Its ecological protection, energy saving and safety make it a popular product in the market. Cinturato P6 ensures the maximum safety under various weather conditions, especially the grip of curves on slippery roads, the reduction of braking distance, and the maximum safety of the car

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