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Fujian Putian power supply company has further promoted the construction of "re electrification" service "one place, three islands"

Meizhou Island is surrounded by the sea. It is located 42 kilometers southeast of the downtown of Putian, Fujian Province. It is located in the Mekong of water and the continent of the sea, so it is called Meizhou. It is famous for its long history of Mazu culture and romantic sea sky customs. In recent years, Fujian Putian power supply company has implemented the unified deployment of the State Grid Corporation of China, made in-depth progress, promoted the transformation of residents' lifestyle, effectively promoted the construction of Meizhou Island, one place and three islands (international characteristic tourism destination, Chaosheng Island, ecological island and Tourism Island), and served the local economic and social development

popularization of electric vehicles

green travel in the whole island

take a ferry from Wenjia Wharf in Putian, Fujian, and you can reach Meizhou Island in 15 minutes. In July, high temperatures continued throughout the country, and Meizhou Island also ushered in the peak holiday season. Since the establishment of Meizhou Island National Tourist Resort approved by the State Council in 1992, Meizhou Island has become a national 4A tourist attraction, attracting tourists from all over the world. According to statistics, in 2017, the island received 5.63 million domestic and foreign tourists

shuyinbiao, chairman and Secretary of the leading Party group of State Grid Corporation of China, proposed that re electrification is the fundamental way to build a clean and low-carbon new energy system. Specifically, on the supply side, we should insist on using renewable energy to replace fossil energy, gradually make human beings get rid of their dependence on fossil energy and build a clean supply system; On the power side, we should vigorously promote the electrification of power enterprises, which need to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, such as replacing coal and oil with electricity, and widely promote the substitution of electric energy in transportation, industry, commerce, residential life and other fields. At present, Meizhou Island has sufficient power supply, and the replacement of electric energy in all fields of the island has entered a new era of re electrification

walking along the main road of Meizhou Island and the landscape road of the East Ring Road, green buses and sightseeing buses can be seen from time to time, just like a moving landscape. This scenic spot is the concrete embodiment of re electrification. The use of pure electric business reception vehicles in Meizhou Island began in June, 2015. The five pure electric business reception vehicles put into operation at that time operated smoothly and were highly praised. On July 3 of the same year, the first 36 pure electric buses were put into commercial operation on Meizhou Island, replacing the three lines of buses on the island, covering the entire Meizhou Island. Gaoyakui, chief dispatcher of Meizhou company of Putian public transport group, said

pure electric buses are very popular with tourists because they are pollution-free, zero emission, smooth operation, comfortable and cool on the bus without noise. Speaking of the benefits of pure electric buses, Yu Jianshan, general manager of Meizhou public transport company, is like a family treasure: pure electric buses are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The municipal government also gives energy-saving subsidies. Each vehicle can run about 100 kilometers after it is fully charged. There is no pollution and zero emission in the whole process. Each kilometer also saves 60% of the operating cost compared with traditional buses

in July, 2015, the first pure electric bus lines on Meizhou Island were put into operation on schedule. Thanks to the initiative of the Communist Party member service team of Putian power supply company since the beginning of the year, it has arranged full-time customer managers to track the whole process, and provided one-stop services such as industry expansion and installation, fire connection and power supply, and power consumption consulting. After the transformer landed on the island, it took only 5 days to complete the industrial upgrading; And the power supply engineering construction of bus charging stations in different industry segments

in order to meet the demand for green travel across the island, Putian power supply company made every effort to promote the construction of charging piles. In October 2016, the first Haidao pure electric vehicle fast charging station in Fujian Province was put into operation in Meizhou Island. Today, Putian power supply company actively cooperates with the government to build an integrated charging infrastructure for charging, photovoltaic power generation, LED lighting and mobile base stations, to build a zero emission smart Island integrating smart people's livelihood, smart transportation, smart electricity and smart charging, and to help electric vehicles run smoothly

in addition to pure electric buses, all the sightseeing buses driven by the island residents have been replaced with pure electric sightseeing buses with lower cost and lower cost. According to fangguomo of the Tourism Administration of Meizhou Island National Tourism Resort, the tourism industry of Meizhou Island has been booming in recent years. At present, nearly 300 sightseeing buses have been registered on the island, and the concept of green travel has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In addition, according to the statistics of the local traffic police department, the islanders have basically eliminated fuel motorcycles, only a small number of small-scale engineering operators still use them, and the residents usually use electric motorcycles. At present, nearly 10000 temporary electric motorcycle licenses have been issued, with an average of one for each family, basically realizing the green travel of the whole island

it is learned that Putian power supply company will continue to adhere to the construction of green transportation system. This year, it is expected to build 11 urban public electric vehicle charging stations with an investment of 20million yuan to build a 5km fast charging circle

transformation and upgrading of the catering industry

clean electricity is popular

the geographical environment surrounded by the sea makes the diet of Meizhou Island have distinctive Shanghai style characteristics. The traditional specialties of Meizhou Island, such as Yufan, Mazu noodles, oyster fried, etc., attract tourists from all over the country. However, bottled gas and diesel fuel are widely used in tourism and catering industry, which has caused great potential safety hazards and air pollution

what kind of sparks will be aroused when traditional food meets the electrification of the kitchen? Near noon, I walked into the Tianlong restaurant in the middle of the island. Just after entering the restaurant, a fresh smell of seafood came to my face, which made my tongue full of saliva. Ms. Minnan, who came to the island with a group, said that she was attracted by this new seafood area when she first came in. The traditional smoke has disappeared. It is clean and sanitary. The new style seafood area in Ms. you's mouth is an electrified kitchen located on the first floor of the restaurant. All of them are electric cookers and are completely open to customers

this is a leading restaurant on the island. The transformation of the electrified kitchen has gathered a lot of our efforts. Linqiang, head of the marketing department of Putian Meizhou Island power supply company, said that in order to dispel the doubts of the restaurant and encourage the restaurant to take the lead in the kitchen electrification transformation, they took the initiative to collect the product information applicable to the restaurant and provide safe electricity service. The considerate service finally moved the merchants

in the past, we used diesel stoves, which had heavy lampblack and were unsafe. After the electrification transformation, it was hygienic, safe and environmentally friendly. The reduction in the number of people used to help the kitchen also saved human costs. After the power transformation, it could save more than 400 yuan per month in the off-season and 1500 yuan per month in the peak season. Restaurant Manager linximei said

the electric kitchen has become a major feature of Tianlong restaurant since the use of electric Teppanyaki, electric oven and cooking stove. New dishes such as stewed taro, iron plate fish pieces and seafood casserole have been highly sought after by the islanders and tourists

guojinmu, director of the economic and Trade Investment Promotion Bureau of Meizhou Island National Tourism Resort, introduced that with the support and cooperation of Putian power supply company, the local government provided appropriate financial incentives to jointly guide the electrification transformation and upgrading of restaurant kitchens, innovate seafood specialties, better meet the needs of diners and create a better tourism service environment

sunshine, beach, waves, barbecue, beer and music season are the favorite of young people. The summer beach music festival is still under preparation, but there are an endless stream of tourists on holiday. On summer nights, the Lianchi beach is as lively as the sun. A row of barbecue racks are erected along the road to welcome the arrival of diners. However, the barbecue has already been upgraded before the summer of last year

in the past, simple barbecue racks were used for barbecue on the island. Coal, carbon and liquefied gas were used as heat sources, which both polluted the air and was unsafe. The local government decided to prohibit the use. Putian power supply company took the initiative to provide alternative solutions for electric ovens, and cooperated with the law enforcement bureau to visit service merchants, so that the barbecue could survive

the electric barbecue here tastes great. It is also more hygienic and clean. There is no annoying barbecue smell. It feels good to eat barbecue with the sea breeze! Said Mr. Tang, a tourist from Nanchang, Jiangxi Province

according to the relevant person in charge of Putian power supply company, nearly 20 individual barbecue businesses distributed in various scenic spots on the island have eliminated simple barbecue racks and realized the replacement of electric barbecue ovens, opening a Xintiandi for the catering industry

continuous optimization of electrical structure

Mazu's hometown is full of power

the Mazu culture of virtue, kindness and love has become a bridge connecting countries along the the Belt and Road, and has been listed as a representative work of hydraulic oil cultural heritage by UNESCO. Wukunyuan, chairman of the national 13th five year development planning outline company, told the reporter: "ldquo; Other enterprises in the same industry can only press a single circuit board product to the eighth floor and propose to build Meizhou Island into the core area of the world Mazu cultural center, and build it into an external window of a beautiful China demonstration area and a frontier platform for cross-strait cooperation

in order to support the construction of the core area of the world Mazu cultural center, Putian power supply company has continuously optimized the island's electrical structure in recent years, injecting strong impetus into the island's economic development and people's happy life

in March, 2012, Putian power supply company officially took over the power supply property rights and business of Meizhou Island, marking the prelude to a new round of rural upgrading on the island. In April of the same year, the company built and put into operation the second cross sea cable, effectively ensuring the power supply on the island. From 2012 to 2017, Meizhou Island carried out the upgrading and transformation of agricultural distribution and the construction of energy storage power station, with a total investment of more than 100 million yuan. The electrical structure of Meizhou Island has been gradually improved and robust. The insulation rate of 10kV overhead lines in the island has reached 100%, the cabling rate is nearly 78%, the insulation rate of low-voltage overhead lines has reached 100%, and the average household distribution and transformation capacity is 2.99 kVA

in order to better serve the development and construction of Meizhou Island and ensure the power consumption of people's livelihood, Putian power supply company started the construction of Putian Meizhou 110kV power transmission and transformation project in October 2016

in July 2017, the unattended and fully intelligent 110 kV Meizhou substation was put into operation. In the first phase, a 31.5 MVA main transformer was put into operation, and 8 10kV outgoing lines were put into operation simultaneously, which can meet the power consumption growth demand of Meizhou Island within 20 years. After the later upgrading, it can meet the power consumption growth demand of Meizhou Island within 50 years, which is of great significance to promoting the construction of one place, three islands

Putian power supply company has given consistent and strong support to the resort for many years, creating a beautiful Putian for people's livelihood economy, tourism development and construction, and Mazu cultural exchange, and truly playing the role of power first. Pan Lin, deputy secretary of the Meizhou Island Party Working Committee, spoke highly of the reliable support of electricity

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