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Local governments launched food inspection actions before the Dragon Boat Festival to protect people's food safety during the festival

[local packaging and printing industry] as the Dragon Boat Festival approaches, many festival foods are listed, and the market sales of zongzi, mung bean cake, salted duck eggs, Baijiu and other foods are rising sharply. In order to ensure the food safety of consumers, many local governments have strengthened the food safety inspection before the festival to let citizens have a safe Dragon Boat Festival

Ningbo City: increase the special sampling inspection for veterinary drug residues in agricultural products, heavy metals exceeding the standard, etc.

recently, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of supervision conducted a sampling inspection for the Dragon Boat Festival food in the production and circulation links. The sampled foods include zongzi, cakes, eggs, wine, edible agricultural products, etc. Sampling inspection items include food physical and chemical indicators, food additives and illegal additives, etc. A total of 157 batches of food were sampled in this operation, including 4 batches of unqualified samples, with a pass rate of 97.5%

according to the sampling report, the label of 1 batch of mung bean cake in the unqualified samples did not meet the standard requirements, and the residue of enrofloxacin in 3 batches of yellow croaker exceeded the standard. In response to the test results, relevant departments in Ningbo said that they would increase the detection of veterinary drug residues in agricultural products, heavy metals exceeding the standard and other items, control the source of pollution, and effectively ensure the food safety of citizens

Handan City: carry out special inspection on the zongzi market

with the arrival of the consumption peak of zongzi, Handan City Market Supervision Bureau carried out special inspection on the zongzi sales points within its jurisdiction. It is understood that the main contents of this action include the following points: check whether the business certificates of well-known operators are complete and valid; Check the safety of zongzi raw materials; Check the outer package mark, production date and shelf life of zongzi

up to now, Handan Municipal Supervision Bureau has carried out sampling inspection of 2 batches of zongzi at the municipal column and upper and lower bending installation levels, and 10 batches of zongzi at the district level. In addition, the Handan Municipal Supervision Bureau also issued a reminder to the citizens, asking them to buy zongzi from formal channels and pay attention to the preservation and eating methods of zongzi

Dezhou City: special inspection on food safety of zongzi before the festival

in order to ensure that the masses have no worries when buying zongzi, Dezhou municipal market supervision bureau recently launched special supervision and inspection and supervision sampling inspection on food safety of zongzi throughout the city. This food safety inspection adopts a combination of on-site inspection and sampling inspection. First, the operator's business qualification is checked. Secondly, the manufacturer, production date and shelf life of zongzi packaging are checked

for the bulk zongzi sold in the market, the Municipal Bureau of Supervision inspected whether the labels were intact. In addition, the Municipal Supervision Bureau also conducted spot check on the frozen zongzi sold on the market, including the total number of colonies, coliform group, etc. According to the results of the spot check, Dezhou Municipal Supervision Bureau said that it would further strengthen the law enforcement of illegal food quality in the circulation sector, so as to create a good consumption environment for the citizens

Wenzhou City: special sampling inspection of food for the Dragon Boat Festival

Wenzhou municipal market supervision and Administration recently carried out special supervision and sampling inspection of food safety for the Dragon Boat Festival. It is understood that this sampling inspection includes zongzi, salted duck eggs, yellow croaker, yellow rice wine and other Dragon Boat Festival seasonal food. According to the sampling results, the qualified rate of the sample is 100%

after the sampling inspection, Wenzhou Municipal Supervision Bureau also reminded consumers to see whether the labels on the outer packaging are in compliance when purchasing zongzi, not to buy three no products, and to confirm whether the vacuum packaging of zongzi is intact

conclusion: various food safety tests carried out by local governments are to ensure that the masses can safely cross the Dragon Boat Festival. They are mainly composed of oil pumps, mailboxes, oil delivery valves, oil return valves, force measuring cylinders, force measuring pistons, pull rods, pendulums, pendulum rods, force indicating dials, drawing rollers, pull pulleys, etc. However, the safety of these seasonal food needs to be guarded by the production enterprises. Zongzi production enterprises should select high-quality vacuum packaging machines when producing zongzi to avoid deterioration due to packaging damage. Enterprises can also stick 7 when labeling zongzi End the experiment or carry out the next round of experiment to label, so as to improve the label quality. In addition, relevant enterprises should also do a good job of self-examination, and use food safety testing instruments to carry out spot check on their own products, so as to prevent problematic products from flowing into the market

original title: local governments launch food inspection before the Dragon Boat Festival to protect the food safety of the people

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