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Local governments have launched the "six stabilities" plan, focusing on infrastructure and energy investment. Recently, local governments have deployed and promoted the "six stabilities" work, and issued specific work plans. Many places have deployed stable investment on a large scale. For example, Anhui has sorted out key stable investment projects with a total scale of 4.55 trillion yuan. It is found that infrastructure construction such as transportation, environmental protection and energy is still the focus of local stable investment

this week, the Anhui provincial government issued the work plan for promoting the implementation of "six stabilities" policies and measures. For the work of stabilizing investment, the plan sorted out 3917 projects of stabilizing investment and increasing load. The electronic universal material testing machine is the product of the combination of modern electronic technology and mechanical transmission technology, with a total investment of 4.55 trillion yuan. Among them, 473 new projects were newly started in 2018, with a total investment of 519billion yuan

from the perspective of project category, infrastructure construction projects such as transportation and energy are still the focus of investment. The plan proposes to accelerate railway construction and strive to complete the investment of more than 33billion yuan in 2018 and more than 39billion yuan in 2019; Accelerate energy construction, and complete the investment of more than 34.5 billion yuan in electricity and natural gas pipelines in 2018 and more than 40billion yuan in 2019

in order to implement the central government's "six stabilities" deployment, Zhejiang recently held a key project matchmaking meeting, which recommended 120 key construction projects to banks and financial institutions, with a total investment of 274.3 billion yuan. Among them, 41 transportation construction projects were selected with a total investment of 111.8 billion yuan

in addition, Hubei, Hunan, Chongqing and other places have also held meetings to deploy the "six stabilities" work. For example, the Hubei provincial government recently held a special meeting on the implementation of the Central Committee's requirements for the "six stabilities", proposing to give prominence to the "six stabilities", focus on consolidating the "stable" chassis of the economy, and constantly consolidate the solid foundation for high-quality development

from the work deployment of various regions, stabilizing investment is still an important content. Hubei Province proposed to go all out to stabilize investment, adhere to the "four capital" principle of state-owned capital, private capital, foreign capital and financing, and guide and support all kinds of capital to invest more in major industries, major scientific and technological innovation carriers and major infrastructure. Hunan Province stressed that it should refine the policies and measures to stabilize employment, finance, foreign trade, foreign investment, investment and expectations, speed up the construction of projects under construction and strive to expand effective demand

as an important starting point for stabilizing investment, local governments have accelerated the construction of major projects. Analysts predict that a large number of major projects are expected to be launched in the fourth quarter

the Hebei provincial government recently issued the implementation plan for four stages of "100 days' hard work" in investment and project construction, including planning and preparation, data and information collection, induction and compilation, and review. It is required to carry out the "100 days' hard work" in investment and project construction in the whole province from late September to the end of December. The goal of this action is to effectively break the bottleneck of factors restricting the construction of the project, significantly improve the business environment affecting the implementation of the project, vigorously promote the construction of provincial and municipal key projects, and complete an investment of more than 800billion yuan in the whole year

From September 26 to 28, a number of major projects were started in Fujian Province. According to the preliminary screening by Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission and other departments, 227 major projects were started in the third quarter of the province, with a total investment of 179.9 billion yuan. Among them, there are 145 industrial projects with a total investment of 136billion yuan, and 53 infrastructure projects with a total investment of 36.5 billion yuan

while accelerating the construction progress of key projects in 2018, all regions have also started the application of key projects in 2019. According to the information disclosed by the local government, the frequently used material of the shaft is excellent carbon steel. Infrastructure construction projects such as 35, 45 and 50 transportation, energy, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy and environmental protection are still the focus of investment

the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission recently issued a notice to clarify the direction of the 2019 provincial key project construction work plan, which proposes to accelerate the construction of infrastructure projects such as roads, railways, airports, ports and shipping, energy, water conservancy, information, urban construction, environmental protection and science and technology that have an important impact on the development of the province or the region

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