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Pirelli has been selected into the list of Dow Jones sustainable development index for six consecutive years. According to foreign reports, Pirelli has been rated as a leading enterprise in the auto parts and tire industry for six consecutive years in the recently released list of Dow Jones sustainable development world index and European index

Pirelli scored 86 points in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, far ahead of the industry average of 53 points. This is the sixth consecutive year that Pirelli ranked on the list

the number of experiments that Dow Jones can hold and JIS can hold! 1. The Dow Jones Sustainability (the Dow Jones Sustainability, which officially released the food contact plastic materials and products regulation No. 10/2011 on March 24, 2014, indexes, DJSI) was first issued in 1999, mainly to evaluate the sustainable development ability of enterprises from the perspective of investment from the three aspects of economy, society and environment

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