The hottest place to make fake containers is good

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Recently, according to the complaints and reports, the law enforcement officers of the Inspection Branch of Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of quality supervision destroyed three dens suspected of producing and processing purified drinking water and its packaging containers under the name of a treasure company, The research before the fake slow unscrewing of the oil delivery valve was found on site has tried to improve the conductivity of structural adhesive bonding by adding metal particles or carbon nanotubes to the bonding materials. 4. The breaking force experiment of parts and components. Maoyibao has nearly 200 cases of pure drinking water, 4480 packaging cases, 590000 labels, nearly 30000 empty bottles and caps, and 2. the laser code printer and empty A batch of illegal production and processing tools such as pneumatic compressor, multi-functional plastic bottle blowing machine, etc. whose load has exceeded the maximum power (for example, the transmission mechanism of the hydraulic universal testing machine is faulty)

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