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What kind of water heater should I buy? Buy a gas water heater. Some people are worried about gas leakage; Buy it. Some people are worried about getting an electric shock. Solar water heaters are the safest, but I wonder if the installation will be too troublesome. In fact, the three kinds of water heaters have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they should be selected after weighing according to their own individual conditions

what kind of water heater is good? Buy a gas water heater. Some people are worried about gas leakage; Buy it. Some people are worried about getting an electric shock. Solar water heaters are the safest, but I wonder if the installation will be too troublesome. In fact, each of the three water heaters has its own advantages and disadvantages. When purchasing, you should choose according to your own individual situation. It is best to keep the pipeline while decorating

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gas water heater needs to be equipped with high water pressure

the energy used by gas water heater is combustible gas, which can be divided into direct discharge type, flue type, forced discharge type and balanced type according to its form. Direct discharge water heaters are easy to cause personal injury accidents and have been banned from production

flue type water heater: the flue must be installed during installation. During use, pay attention to the smooth exhaust of the flue to prevent backflow

forced exhaust water heater: during operation, the flue gas is forcibly discharged outdoors, but the oxygen required for combustion is still taken from indoors

balanced water heater: it neither consumes nor pollutes indoor air. However, the installation of such a water heater needs to reserve channels like the installation of air conditioners

advantages: fast heating, large water output, stable temperature, less scale, and small land occupation, which is not controlled by water volume

disadvantages: the starting water pressure is high, and users living in high-rise buildings cannot start without booster pump; For installation, holes should be made in the wall to arrange air fans; Different gas has different burner shape, nozzle size and cross-sectional area of gas channel

necessary anti electric shock device for electric water heater

at present, the electric water heater in the domestic market is mainly water storage water heater, which is divided into closed type and open type. The inner tank of the open water heater is not pressure resistant and cannot supply water at multiple places at the same time; The inner tank of the closed electric water heater can withstand pressure and can supply water for many places at the same time

advantages: it can adapt to any weather change, and can be directly installed and used in ordinary families. Long time power on can provide large flow of heating water. At present, most electric water heaters sold on the market are also equipped with anti electric shock devices

disadvantages: large volume, large occupation of indoor space, easy to scale, and large waste of electric energy. The latest electric water heater has built-in anode magnesium rod descaling device, which solves the problem that the product is easy to scale. However, the anode magnesium rod needs to be replaced every two years, which brings trouble to the maintenance

the solar water heater should be equipped with electric heating function

at present, the solar water heater with the highest technical level is the vacuum collector tube solar water heater

advantages: safety, energy saving, environmental protection and economy. Especially the solar water heater with auxiliary electric heating function, which is based on solar energy and supplemented by electric energy, enables the solar water heater to be used all year round

disadvantages: first, it is inconvenient for low-level residents to use; Second, the installation is complex. If installed improperly, it will affect the appearance and quality of housing and the appearance of the city; Third, it is troublesome to maintain, because solar water heaters must be installed outdoors, and most of them are on the roof and roof

purchase guide

1 Solar water heaters should be paid attention to “ After sales ” Services. Because the solar water heater should be placed on the roof, and it will be windy and rainy for many years. If the manufacturer fails to overhaul it on time, it will cause great losses

2. The installation of gas water heater is the most important. The installation and modification of gas appliances must be carried out by personnel of units who have received professional training and passed the qualification examination of the competent department

3. The inner tank is selected for the electric water heater. The material, thickness and welding process of the inner tank of electric water heater determine its service life. In addition, the design of the round tank is the most uniform and can withstand high pressure

4. Practical suggestions: if the bathroom is far away from the kitchen, it is recommended to install two water storage electric water heaters, one in the bathroom and the other in the cabinet. If the household daily hot water consumption is large, or multiple water supply is required, and the kitchen is close to the bathroom, it is recommended to choose a gas water heater with a slightly larger water supply

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