Knowledge of bedroom door and choice of wood door

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Bedroom door knowledge and the choice of wood door color

study: the study door should choose a door type with good sound insulation effect, good light transmission and strong design sense, such as frosted glass with Oracle Bone decoration or wooden door with ancient window lattice pattern, which can produce a simple and elegant scholarly charm

Kitchen: the kitchen door should choose a door type with good waterproof and sealing, so as to effectively block the oil smoke generated during cooking, such as the semi transparent semi glass door with sandblasting pattern

bathroom: the door of the bathroom mainly focuses on privacy, waterproof and other factors. You can choose the full frosted semi glass door with fashionable design. Plastic steel doors and stainless steel doors should be considered for toilets with dry and wet areas

bedroom: the most important thing for bedroom doors is to consider privacy and create a warm atmosphere, so they often use solid door types with weak light transmittance, such as frosted glass, square format, and elegant wooden doors

solid wood doors: the price is more than 3000 yuan, and there are very few pure solid wood doors in the general market. Pure solid wood doors are very easy to deform if they are not well made. Korean pine, Chinese fir, oak, etc. are all low-grade wood for wooden doors, and high-grade solid wood includes walnut, cherry, Shabili, etc

solid wood composite door: it is mainly a door made of solid wood skeleton and high-grade wood veneer on the surface. The shape is generally very beautiful and the price is reasonable, about 1200-3000 yuan per door. The main advantage is no deformation and cracking

molded door: the cheap price is about 200 yuan per leaf. The construction process of molded door is relatively simple, and it looks less thick and beautiful than solid wood door. This kind of door is mainly used in balcony, storage room and other places that are not often opened. Molded door has a very important problem, that is, the release of harmful gases may cause indoor pollution

listen to the sound: when choosing a solid wood door, you can watch the thickness of the door, and you can also tap the door with your hand. If the sound is even and dull, it indicates that the door is of good quality

weigh: generally, the larger the proportion of solid wood in a wooden door, the heavier the door will be. If it is a pure solid wood door, the pattern on the surface is very irregular. At a glance, the door surface pattern is smooth, neat and beautiful, which is often not a real solid wood door

is it better to buy a door or do it?

buy a door: advantages - beautiful shape, excellent workmanship, environmental protection

relatively speaking, the door you buy is more environmentally friendly. Because the plates produced by mechanization are purchased in batches, they are generally placed for a period of time for reprocessing, which is conducive to formaldehyde volatilization. In addition, regular manufacturers will pay attention to the environmental protection of plates

door making: the door made by decorators is cheap and suitable for families with special requirements for the style of the door. The main material for making doors is large core board. The source of decoration pollution in many families is that large core board is used too much, so we must pay attention to the environmental protection performance of the board

the wall is light color: wooden doors with cool colors such as white oak, birch and oil mixture should be selected

the wall is dark: wooden doors with warm colors, such as teak, sabili, walnut, etc., should be selected

the color of the wooden door should also be similar to the color of furniture and the ground, but in contrast to the color of the wall, which is conducive to creating an atmosphere with a sense of spatial hierarchy




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